"Lindsay and I have had a long and very successful work history together. When she was hired onto my team as a Digital Image Editor for Nordstrom, she quickly became my greatest collaborator. She took on any project I or our manager threw at her with ease and proficiency. After I went on to become an Art Director for Nordstrom, Lindsay moved on to the Styling Team where she and I again were able to work together on a daily basis. Lindsay offers creative ideas, a stellar work ethic, and the greatest attitude you could hope to have in a teammate."                                                                                                                            Brett Wiseman, Art Director, Nordstrom.com


"Lindsay was an important part of our team, always balancing her creative skills with the business needs: strong communication, a desire to help our partners, a commitment to following established process, and supporting the vision of our brand. She was a staunch steward for quality & process, but flexible when it came to finding the right solution for each scenario. She brought new ideas, and quickly learned from others. Lindsay was well respected within our team, and established herself as a main point of contact when she helped support two different workflows (color overlay, and designer). 
She never hesitated to raise awareness to issues that helped identify opportunities of concern, our team's efficiency, and even improving the customer experience."                         - Ian Jones, Image Production Operations & Projects Manager, Nordstrom Direct


"Having Lindsay on your team is a smart move. She's an integral team player that has great work ethic and is also a delight to be around. We worked together at Nordstrom on a team that is very demanding from the business and leadership end. Even in an exhausting environment, Lindsay delivered high quality work while maintaining a solid relationship with the team. I would love to work with her again."                                                                               - Sara Huntley, Digital Imaging Specialist, Nordstrom Direct


"I am a wardrobe stylist and have leveraged Lindsay’s talents many times. She is great on set and is even better doing post production work – her sense of style and her point of view are invaluable. I have hired Lindsay for multiple reasons: retouching, creating graphics, assisting with editorial and commercial shoots – she is fabulous! Lindsay’s knack for asking the right questions makes her my go-to-person for creative design. She delivers excellent work, on schedule, within budget, without exceptions. If you need an amazing photo retouched, or someone to remove the friction in making a project successful - Lindsay is it!" - Lauren Schugar, Wardrobe Stylist