When Lindsay does her best work, you'd never even know she was there. Nothing is over produced, her styling reflects a minimalist chic approach. The deft touch of post production on a digital image, especially those where all the elements just didn't come together, is her contribution. That final stage of polish. The difference between good and great.

These values manifest in the casual intersection of Graphic Designer and Photo Retoucher. School prepared her graphic language, but the marketplace shaped the rest. She spent 7 years with working on the razor's edge of image production, where scripts and actions created new models for efficiency. Everything was remixed, clothes were swapped, heads transfixed, limbs traded…and with not a pixel out of place. 

It's rewarding work, but this all becomes a bit technical. For this reason Lindsay pursued styling at Nordstrom's Photo Studio N, as a way to get out in front of the image. Rather than fix it in post, she wanted to frame it in reality. There's a craft to what she does, even if there isn't a convenient job title to describe it. It feels natural, and the work speaks for itself.